Where Are You Sending Your Sign Ups? | Egg Marketing Blog

If it’s not too odd a question. Just where are you sending your sign ups? The people who have given you their name and email address. Do you send them straight to their download immediately they hit the Submit button? Do they go to a ‘thank you’ page that says that they need to confirm their opt in? And does it matter?

How you treat your subscribers in the first few minutes of getting their details is how you begin a relationship with them. Until they filled in your autoresponder form, they didn’t really know you and to you, they were just one of a (hopefully large) stream of visitors to your squeeze page. You know it’s taken some effort and maybe some money to get them there, so you should now do your utmost to keep them. What’s the best way of doing that?

Well you probably offered them a nice bribe up front if they signed up for your list, so it would be a good idea to either send it to them directly or let them know where they can obtain it and in my humble opinion the best thing to do is send them straight to where they can get at it.

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