SEO companies are professional search engine optimization service rendering outfits with experienced, skilled, and certified experts who work on business sites to get high rankings on search engine result pages.

The level of expertise of an SEO company ensures adequate return on investment with regards your website’s optimization goals.

SEO companies use a variety of strategies to accomplish SEO goals, among such strategies are:

  • White hat SEO techniques: This involves the use of legitimate Google provided terms of optimizing websites. Companies using the white hat process of SEO follow the approved terms, which are in line with industry best practices with regards SEO rankings.
  • Black hat SEO: This strategy involves the use of illegitimate techniques which will improve your site’s ranking on search engine result pages. This strategy is not reliable, and can have a negative impact on your website’s performance over time.

In selecting an SEO company, there are variety of conditions to be considered. These conditions include:

  • Company’s track record: Testimonials, reviews, and previous success stories of clients who have worked with the said company, is a factor to be considered when selecting a company to handle your SEO operations.
  • SEO prices: There are varieties of SEO services being rendered by SEO companies. As these services differ, so do their prices. Getting a top SEO company simply means getting the best results. And most likely spending more than when patronizing a less recognized SEO service provider.

Generally, the pricing may be hourly, monthly, per project rates or on agreed upon terms between you and your SEO company of choice.

  • Client care: When choosing an SEO company, ensure to consider how the company teats its customers as this is an often-overlooked factor. Do they give up-to-date report of activities? Do they keep track in measuring results?
  • The SEO budget: The amount allocated for your website optimization operations will be considered in selecting a company with regards to affordability. No one wants to spend all they have on SEO optimization, hence the need to budget accordingly.

A top SEO company is expected to guarantee through its services the following:

  • High return on investment.
  • First page ranking on search engine search results page.
  • Increase traffic to your website.
  • Increase in brand awareness.
  • Guarantee trust/credibility of website on the mind of visitors.

We have looked extensively at the qualities associated with the top SEO companies the world over.

Now. It’s time to take a look at five (5) of the top most performing SEO companies.


Founded in 2012, Ignite Visibility is a digital marketing company which focuses 60 percent of her digital marketing services on search engine optimization. A company awarded the best SEO consultant services in USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom, and consistently voted as one of the best in SEO rendering companies in the US.

The company holds weekly meetings, and maintains constant communication with its clients. These meetings tend to focus on long- and short-term goals that will guarantee an increase in the conversion rate of clients. In carrying out an SEO program of a client’s business, they do keywords analysis, review campaign structure, identify knowledge articles that best suit your business, backlink strategies, and come up with the best plan to improve your site’s ranking. The prices of their services ranges from $100-$149 per hour. Key clients include; Tony Robbins, Sharp Healthcare, etc.


An award-winning online marketing company, named the SEO agency of the year by Search Engine Land, and the Best Construction Design Web Award by the Web Marketing Association. HigherVisibility offers a wide range of online marketing services focusing 75 percent of its operations on Search Engine Optimization.

In handling your SEO program, Highervisibility seek to understand your business, and develop custom strategies that meet your specific needs regardless of industry/size. The distinctive attribute of this company is the existence of dedicated, knowledgeable account managers on the standby to help. Key clients on their radar include; Mathnasium, eBay, TitleMax, Caliber Collision, etc.


Founded in 1996, and considered as one of the best SEO agencies in the world, with services covering phone call tracking and transcription, content promotion, WEBFX provides dedicated single account representatives from over 200 SEO professionals on their radar. They create custom campaigns for their clients, and increases client’s revenue by at least 20 percent.

Some of their key features include; clear, and concise reporting, free access to MarketingCloudFX for clients, etc. The company maintains elite partnership status with Google, and other search platforms.


A digital marketing agency founded in 1998. With headquarters in New York, and over 1,000 employees cutting across 10 different countries. iCrossing has a unique technique which involves; compelling content, creative story-telling harmonized with the gritty, accountable aspects of performance marketing aimed at delivering the best results for client businesses. Their clients include; Amazon, Bayer, Bridgestone, the BMW Group, etc. The company puts the client’s customers’ interest at heart while designing site optimizing contents. They focus on integrating the customer’s interest with that of their clients.


Another award-winning digital content, search marketing, and creative agency founded in 2008. WEBITMD is composed of experts that are passionate about growing businesses, driven by data and fueled by a purpose of meeting the needs of their clients. Their approach is rooted in identifying how people consume information, and make purchase decisions.

There you have it, the top five (5) SEO performing things.

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