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seo explanation


SEO explanation – Explanation of the concept of SEO

The volume of traffic a website gets these days is very much dependent on its presence on major search engine indexes. These days, an increasing number of consumers visit websites for the first time from a search result and so getting your website to appear in search engines is the idea.

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and this refers to the process and methods of improving the quality and quantity of traffic to a website from search engines using targeted keywords.

Optimizing your website is a process which is planned on some categories of search; specific vertical search, image search, local search and keywords to mention but a few.

SEO looks at how search engines work, how algorithms influence search engine data, keywords and search terms people use, what people search for, their preferred search engines and the volume of search.

Since SEO is about search, it is important to mention the top search engines used around the world today. Google, AOL, Yahoo, AskJeeves and MSN are the top engines today, but several others exist that drive lesser traffic then the above mentioned. The primary function of a search engine is to crawl (using crawlers) the internet for content, then index these for better access and lastly, it ranks the indexed contents based on certain parameters. It is the understanding of these parameters that would help you succeed in SEO.

SEO has a lot of factors determining it, but two broad categories exist and they are; the on-page optimization and off-page optimization.

On-page optimization includes all the optimization processes for a website that concerns the specific requirements of the search engines. Most search engines will only rank sites that have a certain level of responsiveness, relevance to keyword, and sites that allow crawlers to index their content, links, keyword, headings, frequency, meta tags and site structure.

Off-page optimization is concerned with the methods and techniques of getting your site on search engine result pages, but it is not limited to only link sharing as some believe. Off page optimization takes place outside of your website and includes back social media marketing, link building, and some more.

It is important to understand off page optimization because it helps your sites rank even better than having only an on page optimized site.

Let’s explain this.

If for instance, a website has only optimized keywords, if responsive and has appropriate tags, it would not be ranked higher than a site with all these, and some off page optimization like publicity, brand mentions, backlinks, social media presence etc. This is because when search engine crawlers go through the two sites, they gather more information from one than the other. This info would influence the way the sites rank, as expected.

SEO is no magic or trick but a carefully thought out process. It is a vast field that needs a constant check to ensure you are current with trends and practices. What worked today might be slightly out of date tomorrow and though the basic framework will remain the same, who can say what the criteria for ranking sites will be tomorrow?