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How do you use SEO -Search Engine Optimization for your local business in 2019 you ask?
SEO in the simplest of terms refers to the manipulation of data, based on certain set algorithms in a bid to reach a wider audience or a target demographic. Thanks to the evolution of the Internet and the way we conduct business, SEO has become a very important tool with regards to promoting a business online.

So, if SEO is all that they say it is, how then can you use it for your local business in 2019?

These days, many bloggers and online businesses seeking to rank their websites better, tend to have implement SEO on their online platforms in a bid to promote their businesses and reach a larger audience. And the local businesses are not left out. The only perquisites for implementing SEO are a website, a business and the tips below 😊:

Online directories and Listings

Google has shown over and over again that eight in ten consumers carry out an online search for business listings, and eventually make use of one. What does this mean? It means you should get your business listed in the business directory of major search engines, and also get citations that would make it easier for potential clients to find you. Getting a front-page listing can get your business the much-required traffic and generate leads.
Ensure to make use of top directories such as Merchant Circle, Yelp, Citysearch among others. Google has its own business listing called “Google My Business” and though it is essentially a directory, it is understandably bigger in use.
Setting up your business directory is a delicate process which requires careful work. A little mistake in your spelling or contact information could cause the directories to display the wrong information, mitigating your online reach.

Use keywords that focus on local leads

Many will dispute this, but the truth is that if your business is a local business, then getting more clients from your location is more viable than from far away. I’m not saying getting foreign clients is bad or impossible, no. I am saying in using keywords, you should include those that your local consumers use as this will help you appear more and increase sales.
Most people would prefer to buy from a local business in their location, if the quality is up to par, hence, it makes sense for you to also target being listed when they search. There is little sense in looking for outside leads when you have a lot of them in your “patio” waiting for pickup.

Title and Meta description

Enough has been said about this, however, saying it once more won’t hurt. The description you give your business will determine how it ranks. Use keywords in your meta at the beginning and avoid long sentences; it saves the frustration of being truncated. Also, provide links to specific parts of your ad. and links to contact you directly without having to open your website. Many consumers would prefer getting in touch from the result page than visiting your page and clicking the contact button. Use your meta description well to rank better.

While SEO is dynamic, these three tips are sure to make all the difference for your local business in 2019. Ensure to keep your Title and Meta description short and sweet, use keywords that focus on your local target demographic, and get your business on an online business listing.
Good luck 😊