We’re often told – Make one piece of content do the work of many. Great idea. Convert your 1000 word article (Google loves ’em longer these days) into a video, pick some highlights and make it into a presentation, turn it into a PDF or an ebook and then distribute the heck out of all these new pieces of information.

There’s just one problem and it’s a perennial Google favorite…


In many ways it’s not the problem it once was. Google understands curation – where a lot of content is drawn from various sources to make a collection. Yahoo News does plenty of it, yet they don’t seem to be penalised, so why is duplicate content still a problem?

It boils down to users. When they start seeing things they’ve seen before, they start to switch off and if your content is everywhere they may start to run into duplicates even if they’re all yours. They start to lose trust and trust is a major factor when it comes to getting people to buy stuff from you.

Article directories and document repositories aren’t dumb either. They will soon see when you start putting the same content in different formats all over the place and if they’re not happy, your submissions might not be accepted so readily.

So what can you do about it? Surely re-writing an article 3 or 4 times isn’t a major hassle?

Three or 4 times may not be, but what about 30 or 40, maybe even 100 times? Sure, putting out 100 articles all around the same topic will surely get the attention you crave, but how to make them different enough so that people and sites don’t notice.

This is when I’m going to talk to you about article spinning.

Don’t run away screaming. Article spinning isn’t the dire thing it used to be.

In the good old days (more than 5 years ago. We’re talking olden days in Internet time), article spinner software used to be solely word based. They’d replace one word at a time with a synonym – a word that meant the same thing or something related like using a named person instead of ‘he’.

The trouble is with word replacement like this is that you could end with sentences that didn’t make any sense or looked like that were translated from English to English via Chinese by an Indian subsistence-level worker armed only with an English-Chinese dictionary and no idea of how to speak either language. It gets even worse when you throw in where to use ‘a’ and ‘an’, he being replaced by ‘John’ in one phrase and ‘Fred’ in another followed by a ‘she’ further on.

The whole article would look a mess and would need more time in editing  than would have taken to rewrite it. Every article would be unique though. Not necessarily intelligible, but definitely unique.

So article spinning software got a bit more bolted on that sorted the grammar out a bit better. It still wasn’t perfect and you could still end up with some dumb looking phrases that were good grammar, but the best stuff was still mostly done by hand. And it was still mostly word or at best, short phrase replacement.

In the last couple of years, article spinning has become a good business to be in. You can take an article and using the right spinner,  turn out 50 to 100 articles that are all at least 30% different to each other (25% difference is the minimum an article needs to be considered original) when using Copyscape, the standard for copy checking.

Word and phrase swapping is the last level of good spinning, not the first. If a paragraph can be re-written to mean exactly the same as the original, then you can be off to a better start. Then whole sentence level re-writing, so that any sentence could be replaced with it’s companion in another paragraph. Down to phrases that get the same treatment and finally words.

When things are done that way, it is very easy to end up with as many articles as you need with less chance of gobbledegook grammar.

However, it’s a lot of work to do it manually and it’s very easy to get lost in a nest of square brackets, pipe symbols and the required punctuation. I know because I did it once or twice.

Five hundred word articles with 5 variations of each paragraph (so I’ve now written 2500 words), then 5 variations of significant phrases (not every phrase is always worth re-writing) before finally getting down to 2-3 word-phrase replacements. It can work out to more than 10,000 words – the length of a decent short story.

Spin-ready, that document will have various levels of nested brackets and it can all go to pot if you miss a closing bracket somewhere, so although it’s do-able, it’s not easy.

Fortunately, better software tools are now available that can produce 100 variations on one article that are all different and one of the best (for value as well as results) is Chimp Rewriter. From one source article, you can end up with spin-ready text or just ask nicely and it produces as many variations on your theme as you could want or need and all Copyscape approved.

Now tools of this level of intelligence and usefulness are normally way North of $100 per use or maybe just per month, but if they are genuinely useful then people will pay the price and be glad. Chimp Rewriter is not even close to that. In fact, it’s $99 per year (there is a $15 per month option too, if $99 up-front is too much for you).

Think that’s too much to even consider, how about a 14-day free trial. Download the software to your Windows computer (or Windows emulator if you have a Mac or Linux), grab a free registration and trial it. Spin out one of your money articles and drop 8 to 10 of these per day around the interweb. Use an article to video software tool to create dozens of unique videos with everything you do pointing back to your money site and fill YouTube and Vimeo with your creations.

Backlinks galore and more people seeing a lot of different stuff all going back to you. And all from a free-trial offer. You’ll soon go back for an annual subscription then! Click Chimp Rewriter Free Trial to learn more.

Just visit the site (click any of the links above) and grab the free guide –
Definitive Guide to Article Spinning and Rewriting to see how article spinning can help you to be a better marketer.

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