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Search engine optimization has gained a lot of interest in recent times, and for good reason too. The world of traffic generation to websites has seen a lot of advancement and with these, the need for you to keep up with new SEO trends cannot be overstated. Some trends to be aware of, especially with regards to SEO articles are

  1. Search intent vs keywords: Keywords used to be the prime focus, but now SEO is looking more towards the intent behind the search keyword. Simply put, you need to start understanding why people are searching for something. Finding keywords that generate traffic to your site effectively is not just enough, these days you have to do more. Every day searches become more dynamic and relying on assumptions would not bode well, so begin to apply conversational queries to find out more.
  2. User experience (UX): A great tip for you is to find a balance between quality content and giving users the best experience, you can on your website. There’s no way you can generate a steady flow of traffic to your site if the UX is poor; great content won’t guarantee that. For example, these days many users won’t even wait for 30 seconds or more for a site to load and would rather check another option from the search engine result page. If our site therefore is slow in loading, chances of getting traffic would be low. So, design your website for easy access, and easy navigation.
  3. Human vs Machine optimization: There’s a saying, “we write for humans and optimize for machine” and this is true. In writing your articles, keywords have to be used organically. That is to say, you have to use them in a way that your audience will find enjoyable to read. Using keywords out of place or context in an article will give the feeling of an unorganized website and may increase your bounce rate. Assume the state of your readers and try all you could to make the article enjoyable and fluent for them.
  4. Ranking factors: Although the basic ranking factors remain the same, they keep getting updated once a while, therefore you have to be on the lookout for it. Page speed, back links, bounce rate, dwell time, relevance, HTML structure etc. are some of the important ranking factors you need to consider for your site.
  5. Voice search: One big trend in 2019 is the use of voice search feature. If you must have a good SEO for your site, you need to understand how voice search works, and how to get the most of it. As opposed to manual typing, people tend to use longer words, phrases and terms in voice searches, and also use more conversational queries. Knowing the keywords to use in this case can be a challenge so you have to think like an average user to get a better idea of this.

SEO is vast, but keeping up with trends and new information will help you get some good results. Take time to research on the above tips and find ways to imbibe them on your website.

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