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This seems to be the number one cry around the new marketer’s sites and groups. “I send tons of traffic but see very few sales. What’s wrong?”

There could be several reasons. The number one reason is that the wrong kind of traffic is being sent to the offer. If you’re sending people interested in weight loss to a fishing offer, then you probably don’t stand an earthly chance of making sales. So whatever your traffic method – make sure it’s congruent with your offer.

While we’re on ‘congruent’, is the offer in the same niche as your give away? And I mean very closely related. If your fishing freebie is about salmon fishing, then don’t offer to sell them a course on catching cod and haddock. Yes they’re the same niche – ‘fishing’, but the skills and techniques required are very different and don’t necessarily appeal to the same person.

Here’s a BIG mistake I often see when it comes to getting a sale – The visitor is never asked for it. The seller beats around the bush, says “Isn’t this a nice idea”, but doesn’t tell the reader “CLICK HERE TO BUY”. Although your readers are not stupid, they do need guidance and if you have one yellow Buy button, tucked away on a cream coloured page, trapped between a couple of pictures, they might not see it. Don’t be subtle when it comes to being paid. Use a big high contrast button, a clear call to action and put it in plain site. Guaranteed sales tip. Honest!

Perhaps they’re not buying because you haven’t got their ‘know, like and trust’ yet. Does your sales letter tell them enough about you as well as the product. Although, in the short term, they might not care about ‘YOU’ as a person, they will need to know that you are, and will be in future, a person who will help them.

In the long term, you will need to convince them to stick with you and you do that by always offering more and telling them there is more to come. Outside of the MMO (Make Money Online) niches, subscribers are more about information than offers so make sure your follow up emails align with their expectations. Even in MMO, you will find it easier to keep your hard earned subscribers if you keep them informed with tips and techniques rather than expecting every email to generate a reach for the wallet.

Finally, are your expectations realistic? Sending 100 clicks to a free offer might get 40% sign up, but that’s only 40 people who will see your first paid offer. A 5% conversion on that offer is 2 sales. If that’s what you’re getting – Well Done! That’s a good ratio. If only one of them buys your upgrade, then you’ve done very well indeed. Check the figures available on JVZoo or WarriorPlus if you don’t believe me.(And I don’t mean the big name releases. Check out some sales figures from lower down the food chain too).

You were expecting 10 front end sales and 4 back end sales from the 100 clicks you sent? From cold traffic? Think hard there and try to plan what to do with traffic that rejects even your squeeze page offer. Can you redirect them to a different squeeze page or a paid offer, even if you can’t capture their email, you could take one more shot at getting them to part with their money, but don’t be cynical about it. Even inside the funnel, making a downsell offer will give a chance at getting something. Reduce the content too to justify a slightly lower price, but at least make the effort to make a sale.

What are your experiences? Does every squeeze and sales funnel keep you in the green or have you had some spectacular failures?  I’ll tell you one of mine…. 300 clicks to a free squeeze and NO sign ups. The reason? The squeeze took 45 seconds to load because of some bad scripts. Average bounce time – 12 seconds. Nobody hung around long enough to see the complete page.

Tell me about your successes and disasters in the comment box below. Let’s help each other avoid the worst and get the best we can. Put a single squeeze link in your comment to show us an example (multiple links will trigger my anti-spam sensors).

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