Private Label Rights or PLR ebooks, presentations and videos could be one of the most valuable things you have on your hard drive, but 99 times out of 100 I’ll bet they are glanced at once (maybe) and then abandoned, never to be seen again. Here’s some words of wisdom on how to re-use PLR for your own profit. Time to get some rent from the space it’s inhabiting on your computer’s storage space.

First of all it’s worth mentioning that this only applies to PLR and not Resale Rights or Master Resale Rights materiel. Resale Rights & Master Resale Rights are designed to resold ‘as-is’. They might include a mini-site to sell the ebook (or whatever it is) from, but with Resale Rights all you should pass on to your customer is the ebook and not the whole package that you got, and that ebook should not be changed in any way.

With Master Resale Rights you do pass on the original mini-site (before you changed any details within to your own) as well as the ebook – pretty much the package as you recieved it, although if you’re sensible you will have added an extra document with your own details, squeeze page or affiliate link (cloaked of course) within the zip file of the contents. Most zip file creators will let you just drag and drop a new document into the file, so that bit is not difficult and will put you ahead of many marketers who do not do this.

Another thing to bear in mind – and this applies to Private Label Rights as well as Resale Rights and Master Resale Rights, is that many of them cannot just be given away under their terms and conditions and although I doubt if anyone has ever been taken to court over this, it wouldn’t take much to have a negative campaign started against you. People do work hard to create these packages (despite the look of some of them) and you should respect their work, the same as you would if you bought the package from Clickbank, JVZoo or anywhere else. Just because it’s electronic format doesn’t mean it’s available as a free for all.

So back to the point of how to re-use PLR. Many of the packages do come with an admonishment not to give away the package as-is, but of course, once you have altered it, even if you do just re-use PLR, it becomes yours to do with as you please, which will include give-away rights, if you’d prefer to. The least you should do is change the title and graphics – especially if you are re-selling. There’s no point in selling the same item as everybody else, which happens all too often when people re-use PLR.

How to Re-use PLR. Edit the document.

Good PLR will come with an editable version as well as the PDF original, making editing relatively easy. If it doesn’t then there are various web sites and a good few pieces of software that will do the conversion for you. Most of the software does cost though if you want to do more than a few pages. The current sites do a good job of converting your file for you:


There are many others but these are ones I’ve tested.

Whenever you re-use PLR, make sure you read through all the text and correct the sometimes spurious grammer so you will be starting with a quality document. Add your own introduction so that people know about you before they start and include a picture as well as links to your site. The intro pages though are not the place to do any selling (beyond selling yourself). Let the reader see the value of what you’re presenting them first.

Whether the document has images or not, consider adding to or changing them, mainly to ensure you know the source of the pictures. You cannot guarantee that any pictures used are not copyrighted to someone, so if you add your own from known royalty-free sources then you will be covered in that aspect. Another anti-lawyer trick to save your hide.

To really make a PLR ebook more your own is to re-write at least 25% of it. This can be anything from a few changes of words here and there to paragraph re-writes or even chapter extensions if you have more knowledge than the original writer intended to hand over. While you’re re-writing, take the opportunity to check the accuracy of the information presented too. You don’t want to get a reputation for giving out of date data, just becasue you re-use PLR.

The final thing to do to your re-vamped ebook is to write a new ending. Improve the conclusion making sure it is more in your own ‘voice’ rather than than the originator’s, making sure you include references to anything you want to tell the world about, but make sure is relevant to the niche of the contents and not just some random, high value item you happened to find. Just because you re-use PLR doesn’t mean it has to stay the same as the original document.

Converting the document back to PDF can be done in two ways. If you have a modern version of MS Word or you are using Open Office, Libre Office or the like, then a Save As PDF or Export As PDF option will be in the file menu. If you have a word preocessor that does not support PDF conversion natively then you will need to look online for a PDF printer driver. This basically appears to the computer as a printer but prints to a file rather than a physical device.

Whichever way you use to convert, think about adding a little security to your new PDF document (as this applies to any document you write that you convert to PDF). I usually prevent copying and if it’s my own document, printing too. You will have to add an administrator password to the document to do this, but you do not need a user password (so that people can just read your new ebook without having to log in to it).

How to Re-use PLR. Re-voice a movie.

It seems to be a fact of online life that adding a video to a product increases the perceived value. It also seems to be a fact that many of these videos have been done by voices best suited to silent movies. Fortunately you can do something about it rather than passing on something you’d rather not be known for. You certainly don’t have to just re-use PLR videos.

This really only works for presentation videos – where a presentation has been turned into a movie. If you have a talking head video (which is rare in PLR) you should just study the material and make your own from scratch. If there is no video, then why not add one anyway. It does increase the perceived value and gives you another chance to increase your personal branding.

If you are lucky, then the basic presentation file will be available and you can start from there. You can easily make a decent video from a presentation using Windows Movie Maker, which is free. As before add your own branding where you can, definitely at the beginning and end, and if you can edit the background template to include your branding too, you will be well away.

In the case where there is no PowerPoint file to start from, then you may wish to use a video editing program like Videmux (free, of course) to strip off the existing audio and then add your own. You are of course reliant on the timing of the slide changes provided by the original, so watch the video with a stopwatch and note the times of the changes. Develop your own script around these timings before using Videmux or Movie Maker to add your own voice-over.

How to Re-use PLR. Conclusions.

PLR even stuff that’s years old may be re-used in this way, turning into effectively a brand new product and one with your name on it. Used as a baseline when you re-use PLR you are giving yourself a head start for product creation and by changing it beyond the recognition of the original PLR writer you will be turning out something of value to you and to your customers. So did out something from the back of your hard drive and get converting. Your next big release could be lurking in there.

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