The advancement in technologies especially mobile technologies has put businesses on the spot, and customers who are seeking for better services/products now make use of search engines earnestly to access businesses which will meet their needs. The gainers? Those businesses that rank high on search engine’s search result pages.

SEO is there to attract high ranking of your site on search engines. SEO affects the world in a variety of ways. These include:

  • Improves positive or negative ranking on search engines: SEO affects businesses by gaining high rankings on search engines, which puts businesses at forefronts in response to search results. The downside of this however, is that anyone can build a site and if the guidelines of proper SEO implementation are followed, they may have access to a wide range of audience to which they can disperse ill mannered messages. Typical example of this, would be the use of the world cup hash tag by ISIS to spread the gruesome killings of hostages.
  • Cuts in advertising costs: The costs of advertising businesses on other media, such as television and radio can really put a hole in your pockets. With SEO, almost anyone can advertise based on his/her knowledge of SEO and the financial commitment they are willing to make.
  • Generates relevant/irrelevant information to end users: SEO also helps to attract relevant/irrelevant information to end users. While Google among other search engine vendors do an excellent job in eliminating the abuse of SEO, or what we call over optimization, some sneaky ones, always manage to get past the cracks and feed consumers with tons of irrelevant information.
  • Decrease in Value of content: While everyone seems to be trying to outrank their competitors online, too much focus has been put on making content more SEO compliant than more valuable to the reader. Hence looking through all the results on the first page of Google’s search, you might not really be able to get adequate information based on the topic which stirred your curiosity in the first place.
  • Enhances user experience: On the part of the website owners, SEO makes your site fast, as slow browsing speed is a turnoff for internet users, so in this respect, both users and web owners can save time, thanks to the many benefits of SEO with regards the time factor.

SEO has become a crucial part of marketing companies, and the world at large such that any business without an effective SEO practice will find itself sooner or later out of business. To get the best out of SEO practices; seek the services of companies backed with quality, experience SEO specialists that go through the process of identifying keywords, analyzing and developing appropriate contents and links to your website.

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