Here are some Free Tools For Internet Marketers to help you do various things that need doing. When I say tools, I’m not referring to WordPress or hosting or what you need to get set up. This is more for afterwards, when you want to change PLR, create new graphics or do some of the other tasks involved with running an internet marketing business or any other sort of website. I’m also not going to rattle on about outsourcing things to Fiverr. These Free Tools For Internet Marketers are for those who want to have a crack at doing things themselves.

One of the first things you may find you need is a way of uploading graphics and documents to your site. WordPress has a built in system for media – which can include text documents as well as pictures and videos but it is limited in storage locations and it does have a size limitation (which is far greater than what it was) as may your php.ini file – a system file that controls a lot of what of the underlaying operating system can do. It may be that things in this file limit what you can do more than WordPress does.

To get round these upload file size limitations we need to use a program which does FTP or File Transfer Protocol. This allows us to put files where we want to, rather than where we’re told to. For instance, if you want to use a mini-site – as supplied with some PLR packages, you can install it on a separate sub-directory of your main site if you didn’t want to buy and manage another domain.

For example – is a totally separate web site even though it is under the same domain name as this blog. Notice the /sm-ccc after the domain name. It just points to a sub-directory in which there are normal HTML files instead of WordPress ones. There is no direct link between the sites except for any that I put there, like the link at the beginning of this paragraph. Everything is self contained within the sm-ccc site and if I wished I could move it, as an entity, to another location.

It was put there (and it would be moved or copied) by using FTP, more specifically, a program called Filezilla.

Although there are other free FTP programs, Filezilla is by far the most popular, mainly through its ease of use. You simply enter the details of the site, including its domain name and the username and password sent to you by your hosting company when you first signed up. When entered correctly it can connect to your website and allow you to create sub-directories, upload and download files to specific locations and change some of the properties associated with those files.

Certain files – usually scripts, need different permissions set in order to let either only you or everyone run them as required, usually as stated in the set up instructions. Filezilla will allow you to click on the file and set these permissions. You can also set up Filezilla so that when you open a particular website you also open a particlular directory on your home computer and on your target host, which is very convinient.

Here’s a great tutorial video from my friend James Scholes:

So here you have the first of a series of Free Tools For Internet Marketers. I will be doing more short tutorials on various other free tools, useful to internet marketers. If you have a favourite tool that you want me to write about, please let me know in the comments boxes below.

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