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While the year 2019 is far spent, it is never late to make changes to your business marketing strategy, especially with regards to your online marketing.

Whenever online marketing is mentioned, Search Engine Optimisation lurks around, hence the need for most businesses to tap into the potential of SEO by ensuring a detailed understanding and implementation of SEO technology.

From faster websites to mobile responsive websites, the online marketing game is changing and you most definitely have got to change with it.

How can I keep up with these trends you ask?

Here are four SEO technologies you need to make it in 2019

Mobile-responsiveness site

Over the years, the use of cell phones as a medium of communication, an access device and even to large extents as a fashion accessory has been on the rise. This implies that more people continue to use their cell phones for more activities online or otherwise.

Thanks, in no small measure to the engineering ingenuity that cell phones continue to display, as this is one of the main proponents of the wide use of cell phones today.

A little history

A couple of years back, precisely 2014, Google noticed a shift in paradigm, thus the innovation of the algorithm popularly known as Mobilegeddon. This shift in paradigm had to do with the fact that mobile devices for the first time ever, had surpassed desktop devices with regards internet searches.

As a direct result, Google released Mobilegeddon in April of 2015 in response to the need for more mobile responsive pages online.

But what does this mean for me?

This simply means that your website must be mobile-friendly if you are to catch the bulk of your market.

In Google’s terms, here is what it means for your site to be Mobile friendly.

  • Your site should avoid Flash software and similar types of software that don’t play well on mobile devices.
  • Your website must meet the needs of mobile device screens.
  • It must have legible text which doesn’t require to be zoomed.

If you are yet to include this bit of SEO technology to your webpage, now you know why your bounce rate is on an all-time high.


Thanks to HTTPs, hackers may now kiss our ******

HTTPS in a nutshell is the protocol used by financial institutions, payment portals and other agencies or institutions who cannot afford a breach.

Everyone likes the best, and it wasn’t long before individuals and businesses started clamouring for their own piece of the HTTPS cake. And given it was.

HTTPS keeps snoopers from your data, and Google likes websites that are secured, so at this point, it really is your call. HTTPS, more traffic, no HTTPS, less traffic?

Facebook Instant articles

Facebook instant articles are basically content uploaded to Facebook which are geared specifically for mobile users, thus the speed of delivery and the need for early engagement on these contents.

It may be likened to the Google AMP project.

In line with an African proverb, since the birds have learnt to fly without perching, the hunter has learnt to shoot without aiming, so also, since humans have learnt to leave pages with slow load periods, Facebook has also learned to feed the content before even being asked 😊

Google AMP

You’ve at one point or another, visited a website and had to wait 5 seconds, maybe more for the site to load. With an attention span of only about 7 seconds, most humans would leave your site the moment they cannot get a grasp of the content they so very much desire.

The solution to this problem, Google AMP. AMP is an acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages.

As the name implies, it ensures almost instantaneous delivery of content for mobile devices.

To remain in the game, you must remain dynamic, and to remain dynamic, you must remain flexible. Here are four SEO technology tweaks you must make to guarantee a worthy fight for your market share.

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