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An SEO company is a service company that deals with the identification and implementation of search engine facilities with best practices, in a bid to ensure better placement of your website on the rankings of search engine search result’s pages based on the client requirements. In less technical terms, an SEO company basically optimizes your website to keep it on the first page of search engines results in relation to the services you render.

SEO services are rendered by SEO companies using different strategies to achieve high rankings for client websites. Among the services of most SEO companies include:

  • Keyword research.
  • Page creation.
  • Page optimization.
  • Back linking.
  • On-the page SEO.
  • Off-the page SEO.
  • Technical audit.
  • Content marketing.
  • Site analysis.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Implementation of pay per click (PPC) techniques. Etc.

The services of an SEO company will guarantee the following:

  • Site visibility: By facilitating better rankings for your website on search engine pages, it puts your business in a position to attract visitors to your website, keeping the knowledge of your website in the mind of the audience, and new visitors to the website. It helps advertise your brand.
  • Relevant traffic: Patronizing the services an SEO company will guarantee the generation of relevant traffic to your website. Thereby bringing the target audience to your website, rather than unrelated traffic. Think having two thousand page visits from the UK for a new mosquito repellent sold in Nigeria.
  • Ensures ROI: An SEO company will guarantee high return on investment with less expenditure.
  • Others include: High reach, site enhancement, content marketing, etc.

In selecting an SEO company, there are various factors to be considered, these include:

  • Company’s track record: In selecting an SEO company, it is advised that you carry out a thorough assessment of the company’s past success stories, and level of experience in handling SEO programs, this can be gotten through going through the company’s case studies, and other client’s reviews with regards to how they have helped businesses achieve high rankings in the past.
  • Fees to be charged: You should find out the cost for rendering services, and how the payment will be made to avoid issues that may lead to “work withholding” as a result of default in payment.
  • Customer service: Analyze the company’s client care policy. Do they keep customers up-to-date with activities? Do they provide insight into the workings? Are the bulk of customer satisfaction questions are being considered?
  • Linking strategy: The strategies of the company with regards to linking to other sites, and getting other site’s pages to link to yours should be considered.
  • Keywords research: A good SEO company should be able to identify, create, and if necessary, suggest new keywords that will improve your site’s ranking on search engines.
  • Team strength: A sufficient SEO company should have certified professionals to handle their operations. Perhaps a couple of Google/Microsoft certified professionals who are qualified to handle SEO activities. (Staff strength may be considered depending on the scale).

Seeking to maintain your company’s online image, you need only a professional’s touch. Hence the need for an SEO company, which is in many respects a sure route towards achieving your SEO objectives for your website.

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