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The activities involved in getting desirable rankings on search engine sites are executed by professionals/companies with skilled manpower to get effective results. Search Engine Optimization services like every service-oriented activity attracts a fortune to compensate the professionals/companies rendering the services.

As SEO services differ, so do the costs vary with the kind of services to be rendered and the plans to be subscribed to. The variety of SEO plans include:

  • Hourly plan: Usually between the price range of $50-$250 per hour. This is an SEO pricing package that is rendered on hourly basis, and the costs of services are charged on hourly rates. It is more of a consulting service for which payments are made per hour spent.
  • Monthly plan (retainer): In this package, the payment for SEO service is fixed on a monthly basis. The price of SEO services ranges from $500-$10,000 per month, clients pay depending on the kind of SEO service required, as well as the experience level of the professional rendering the service; is it an agency, a freelancer or consultant? The price is determined on a monthly basis.
  • Per project plans: In this category, the price ranges from $500-$8000 fixed for an SEO project. The cost of SEO services is charged based on the project to be carried out. The cost of executing the project/expected outcome is usually predetermined.
  • Fixed-price plans: The services in this package are paid for based on a certain fixed amount with regards the services.

In selecting an SEO pricing plan, there are a number of factors to be considered if you intend to get an effective result.

These factors include:

  • Keywords: the number of keywords a time acts as determinant of the amount to be charged for SEO services for your website. The more the keywords you want to rank, the more costly the SEO service. Hence, the price of a five keywords ranking will be lesser than the price for a ten or more keywords.
  • SEO service provider: The provider of SEO services influences the cost as well, as a well-established SEO agency is bound to cost more than a consultant, who will in turn cost more than a freelancer. Therefore, the service provider you patronize determines the price you will pay for the optimization of your site.
  • The kind of service: The kind of project you seek for your website/brand determines the cost you will be charged for such service. This metric is mostly used in per project SEO pricing plan.
  • Level of competition: Different industries have different levels of competition, the more competitive your industry is, the more expensive ranking your website will prove. This will help put your website on high rankings on search sites and draw new customers through your site to your business.

In spending on an SEO service provider, assess the factors with regards to what is being offered, these include: proven results, testimonials, team strength, etc.

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