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The activities involved in getting desirable rankings on search engine sites are executed by professionals/companies with skilled manpower to get effective results. Search Engine Optimization services like every service-oriented activity attracts a fortune to compensate the professionals/companies rendering the services.

As SEO services differ, so do the costs vary with the kind of services to be rendered and the plans to be subscribed to. The variety of SEO plans include:

  • Hourly plan: Usually between the price range of $50-$250 per hour. This is an SEO pricing package that is rendered on hourly basis, and the costs of services are charged on hourly rates. It is more of a consulting service for which payments are made per hour spent.
  • Monthly plan (retainer): In this package, the payment for SEO service is fixed on a monthly basis. The price of SEO services ranges from $500-$10,000 per month, clients pay depending on the kind of SEO service required, as well as the experience level of the professional rendering the service; is it an agency, a freelancer or consultant? The price is determined on a monthly basis.
  • Per project plans: In this category, the price ranges from $500-$8000 fixed for an SEO project. The cost of SEO services is charged based on the project to be carried out. The cost of executing the project/expected outcome is usually predetermined.
  • Fixed-price plans: The services in this package are paid for based on a certain fixed amount with regards the services.

In selecting an SEO pricing plan, there are a number of factors to be considered if you intend to get an effective result.

These factors include:

  • Keywords: the number of keywords a time acts as determinant of the amount to be charged for SEO services for your website. The more the keywords you want to rank, the more costly the SEO service. Hence, the price of a five keywords ranking will be lesser than the price for a ten or more keywords.
  • SEO service provider: The provider of SEO services influences the cost as well, as a well-established SEO agency is bound to cost more than a consultant, who will in turn cost more than a freelancer. Therefore, the service provider you patronize determines the price you will pay for the optimization of your site.
  • The kind of service: The kind of project you seek for your website/brand determines the cost you will be charged for such service. This metric is mostly used in per project SEO pricing plan.
  • Level of competition: Different industries have different levels of competition, the more competitive your industry is, the more expensive ranking your website will prove. This will help put your website on high rankings on search sites and draw new customers through your site to your business.

In spending on an SEO service provider, assess the factors with regards to what is being offered, these include: proven results, testimonials, team strength, etc.

SEO companies are professional search engine optimization service rendering outfits with experienced, skilled, and certified experts who work on business sites to get high rankings on search engine result pages.

The level of expertise of an SEO company ensures adequate return on investment with regards your website’s optimization goals.

SEO companies use a variety of strategies to accomplish SEO goals, among such strategies are:

  • White hat SEO techniques: This involves the use of legitimate Google provided terms of optimizing websites. Companies using the white hat process of SEO follow the approved terms, which are in line with industry best practices with regards SEO rankings.
  • Black hat SEO: This strategy involves the use of illegitimate techniques which will improve your site’s ranking on search engine result pages. This strategy is not reliable, and can have a negative impact on your website’s performance over time.

In selecting an SEO company, there are variety of conditions to be considered. These conditions include:

  • Company’s track record: Testimonials, reviews, and previous success stories of clients who have worked with the said company, is a factor to be considered when selecting a company to handle your SEO operations.
  • SEO prices: There are varieties of SEO services being rendered by SEO companies. As these services differ, so do their prices. Getting a top SEO company simply means getting the best results. And most likely spending more than when patronizing a less recognized SEO service provider.

Generally, the pricing may be hourly, monthly, per project rates or on agreed upon terms between you and your SEO company of choice.

  • Client care: When choosing an SEO company, ensure to consider how the company teats its customers as this is an often-overlooked factor. Do they give up-to-date report of activities? Do they keep track in measuring results?
  • The SEO budget: The amount allocated for your website optimization operations will be considered in selecting a company with regards to affordability. No one wants to spend all they have on SEO optimization, hence the need to budget accordingly.

A top SEO company is expected to guarantee through its services the following:

  • High return on investment.
  • First page ranking on search engine search results page.
  • Increase traffic to your website.
  • Increase in brand awareness.
  • Guarantee trust/credibility of website on the mind of visitors.

We have looked extensively at the qualities associated with the top SEO companies the world over.

Now. It’s time to take a look at five (5) of the top most performing SEO companies.


Founded in 2012, Ignite Visibility is a digital marketing company which focuses 60 percent of her digital marketing services on search engine optimization. A company awarded the best SEO consultant services in USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom, and consistently voted as one of the best in SEO rendering companies in the US.

The company holds weekly meetings, and maintains constant communication with its clients. These meetings tend to focus on long- and short-term goals that will guarantee an increase in the conversion rate of clients. In carrying out an SEO program of a client’s business, they do keywords analysis, review campaign structure, identify knowledge articles that best suit your business, backlink strategies, and come up with the best plan to improve your site’s ranking. The prices of their services ranges from $100-$149 per hour. Key clients include; Tony Robbins, Sharp Healthcare, etc.


An award-winning online marketing company, named the SEO agency of the year by Search Engine Land, and the Best Construction Design Web Award by the Web Marketing Association. HigherVisibility offers a wide range of online marketing services focusing 75 percent of its operations on Search Engine Optimization.

In handling your SEO program, Highervisibility seek to understand your business, and develop custom strategies that meet your specific needs regardless of industry/size. The distinctive attribute of this company is the existence of dedicated, knowledgeable account managers on the standby to help. Key clients on their radar include; Mathnasium, eBay, TitleMax, Caliber Collision, etc.


Founded in 1996, and considered as one of the best SEO agencies in the world, with services covering phone call tracking and transcription, content promotion, WEBFX provides dedicated single account representatives from over 200 SEO professionals on their radar. They create custom campaigns for their clients, and increases client’s revenue by at least 20 percent.

Some of their key features include; clear, and concise reporting, free access to MarketingCloudFX for clients, etc. The company maintains elite partnership status with Google, and other search platforms.


A digital marketing agency founded in 1998. With headquarters in New York, and over 1,000 employees cutting across 10 different countries. iCrossing has a unique technique which involves; compelling content, creative story-telling harmonized with the gritty, accountable aspects of performance marketing aimed at delivering the best results for client businesses. Their clients include; Amazon, Bayer, Bridgestone, the BMW Group, etc. The company puts the client’s customers’ interest at heart while designing site optimizing contents. They focus on integrating the customer’s interest with that of their clients.


Another award-winning digital content, search marketing, and creative agency founded in 2008. WEBITMD is composed of experts that are passionate about growing businesses, driven by data and fueled by a purpose of meeting the needs of their clients. Their approach is rooted in identifying how people consume information, and make purchase decisions.

There you have it, the top five (5) SEO performing things.

While the year 2019 is far spent, it is never late to make changes to your business marketing strategy, especially with regards to your online marketing.

Whenever online marketing is mentioned, Search Engine Optimisation lurks around, hence the need for most businesses to tap into the potential of SEO by ensuring a detailed understanding and implementation of SEO technology.

From faster websites to mobile responsive websites, the online marketing game is changing and you most definitely have got to change with it.

How can I keep up with these trends you ask?

Here are four SEO technologies you need to make it in 2019

Mobile-responsiveness site

Over the years, the use of cell phones as a medium of communication, an access device and even to large extents as a fashion accessory has been on the rise. This implies that more people continue to use their cell phones for more activities online or otherwise.

Thanks, in no small measure to the engineering ingenuity that cell phones continue to display, as this is one of the main proponents of the wide use of cell phones today.

A little history

A couple of years back, precisely 2014, Google noticed a shift in paradigm, thus the innovation of the algorithm popularly known as Mobilegeddon. This shift in paradigm had to do with the fact that mobile devices for the first time ever, had surpassed desktop devices with regards internet searches.

As a direct result, Google released Mobilegeddon in April of 2015 in response to the need for more mobile responsive pages online.

But what does this mean for me?

This simply means that your website must be mobile-friendly if you are to catch the bulk of your market.

In Google’s terms, here is what it means for your site to be Mobile friendly.

  • Your site should avoid Flash software and similar types of software that don’t play well on mobile devices.
  • Your website must meet the needs of mobile device screens.
  • It must have legible text which doesn’t require to be zoomed.

If you are yet to include this bit of SEO technology to your webpage, now you know why your bounce rate is on an all-time high.


Thanks to HTTPs, hackers may now kiss our ******

HTTPS in a nutshell is the protocol used by financial institutions, payment portals and other agencies or institutions who cannot afford a breach.

Everyone likes the best, and it wasn’t long before individuals and businesses started clamouring for their own piece of the HTTPS cake. And given it was.

HTTPS keeps snoopers from your data, and Google likes websites that are secured, so at this point, it really is your call. HTTPS, more traffic, no HTTPS, less traffic?

Facebook Instant articles

Facebook instant articles are basically content uploaded to Facebook which are geared specifically for mobile users, thus the speed of delivery and the need for early engagement on these contents.

It may be likened to the Google AMP project.

In line with an African proverb, since the birds have learnt to fly without perching, the hunter has learnt to shoot without aiming, so also, since humans have learnt to leave pages with slow load periods, Facebook has also learned to feed the content before even being asked 😊

Google AMP

You’ve at one point or another, visited a website and had to wait 5 seconds, maybe more for the site to load. With an attention span of only about 7 seconds, most humans would leave your site the moment they cannot get a grasp of the content they so very much desire.

The solution to this problem, Google AMP. AMP is an acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages.

As the name implies, it ensures almost instantaneous delivery of content for mobile devices.

To remain in the game, you must remain dynamic, and to remain dynamic, you must remain flexible. Here are four SEO technology tweaks you must make to guarantee a worthy fight for your market share.

SEO, as we all know, is search engine optimization. SEO is the optimization of online content to increase site traffic through site visits and logins. The more traffic a site gets, the more money they can make from their website, this is majorly how lots of businesses are formed and funded.

The key to SEO is understanding the algorithm being used by the search website, be it Google, Bing or even yelp. It is not as easy as it sounds and in fact, it is incredibly complicated because no search website will reveal the algorithms to their search engines, so you must constantly work around the various known parameters to give you the desired results.

Imagine a case where you want to search for a phrase such as “dog house” on the internet, the first few search results will mostly carry texts with dog house in the headline and some images of dog houses, now publish an article and put solely dog house in the text making it up to let’s say a thousand words, you would expect the article that has one thousand words of dog house would pop up first when you search but it won’t because that’s not how the algorithm works.

Getting someone that understands how all these works is not as hard as it may seem, an SEO specialist is one who is well versed with optimizing content such that they rank well in search engine results and improve your page rank. In layman’s terms, an SEO specialist is one who organises work on the internet to get better ranking.

Tips on how to choose an SEO specialist

There are a number of things to look out for when choosing an SEO specialist who will handle optimizing content for your website and content. The specialist must constantly be aware of changes and trends going on so he/she can adjust accordingly and make tweaks where necessary.

  • Choose a specialist that is in tune with your goals in SEO, there are different parts which you may wish to optimize, analyse your business then act accordingly.
  • Get someone who is able to track your data and trends. There may be parts of your content that are doing great already and some that are doing terribly, get someone who can take note of all the little things in the business.
  • Check reviews and previous jobs to know how well this specialist works and the track record they might have, you don’t want someone who will leave you high and dry during a job. If you are considering hiring someone that is fresh of the bat with not much experience just be sure to keep tabs on, he/she.
  • Make an interview and talk with who you want to hire. Trust is very important in SEO, so meet and get a feel of your specialist.
  • Outline your working budget and payment plan and find out if it is okay with them then negotiate accordingly, you can choose to offer up a package deal if it suits you better.

Be relentless in your search for the best SEO specialist.

Search engine optimization has gained a lot of interest in recent times, and for good reason too. The world of traffic generation to websites has seen a lot of advancement and with these, the need for you to keep up with new SEO trends cannot be overstated. Some trends to be aware of, especially with regards to SEO articles are

  1. Search intent vs keywords: Keywords used to be the prime focus, but now SEO is looking more towards the intent behind the search keyword. Simply put, you need to start understanding why people are searching for something. Finding keywords that generate traffic to your site effectively is not just enough, these days you have to do more. Every day searches become more dynamic and relying on assumptions would not bode well, so begin to apply conversational queries to find out more.
  2. User experience (UX): A great tip for you is to find a balance between quality content and giving users the best experience, you can on your website. There’s no way you can generate a steady flow of traffic to your site if the UX is poor; great content won’t guarantee that. For example, these days many users won’t even wait for 30 seconds or more for a site to load and would rather check another option from the search engine result page. If our site therefore is slow in loading, chances of getting traffic would be low. So, design your website for easy access, and easy navigation.
  3. Human vs Machine optimization: There’s a saying, “we write for humans and optimize for machine” and this is true. In writing your articles, keywords have to be used organically. That is to say, you have to use them in a way that your audience will find enjoyable to read. Using keywords out of place or context in an article will give the feeling of an unorganized website and may increase your bounce rate. Assume the state of your readers and try all you could to make the article enjoyable and fluent for them.
  4. Ranking factors: Although the basic ranking factors remain the same, they keep getting updated once a while, therefore you have to be on the lookout for it. Page speed, back links, bounce rate, dwell time, relevance, HTML structure etc. are some of the important ranking factors you need to consider for your site.
  5. Voice search: One big trend in 2019 is the use of voice search feature. If you must have a good SEO for your site, you need to understand how voice search works, and how to get the most of it. As opposed to manual typing, people tend to use longer words, phrases and terms in voice searches, and also use more conversational queries. Knowing the keywords to use in this case can be a challenge so you have to think like an average user to get a better idea of this.

SEO is vast, but keeping up with trends and new information will help you get some good results. Take time to research on the above tips and find ways to imbibe them on your website.

An SEO company is a service company that deals with the identification and implementation of search engine facilities with best practices, in a bid to ensure better placement of your website on the rankings of search engine search result’s pages based on the client requirements. In less technical terms, an SEO company basically optimizes your website to keep it on the first page of search engines results in relation to the services you render.

SEO services are rendered by SEO companies using different strategies to achieve high rankings for client websites. Among the services of most SEO companies include:

  • Keyword research.
  • Page creation.
  • Page optimization.
  • Back linking.
  • On-the page SEO.
  • Off-the page SEO.
  • Technical audit.
  • Content marketing.
  • Site analysis.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Implementation of pay per click (PPC) techniques. Etc.

The services of an SEO company will guarantee the following:

  • Site visibility: By facilitating better rankings for your website on search engine pages, it puts your business in a position to attract visitors to your website, keeping the knowledge of your website in the mind of the audience, and new visitors to the website. It helps advertise your brand.
  • Relevant traffic: Patronizing the services an SEO company will guarantee the generation of relevant traffic to your website. Thereby bringing the target audience to your website, rather than unrelated traffic. Think having two thousand page visits from the UK for a new mosquito repellent sold in Nigeria.
  • Ensures ROI: An SEO company will guarantee high return on investment with less expenditure.
  • Others include: High reach, site enhancement, content marketing, etc.

In selecting an SEO company, there are various factors to be considered, these include:

  • Company’s track record: In selecting an SEO company, it is advised that you carry out a thorough assessment of the company’s past success stories, and level of experience in handling SEO programs, this can be gotten through going through the company’s case studies, and other client’s reviews with regards to how they have helped businesses achieve high rankings in the past.
  • Fees to be charged: You should find out the cost for rendering services, and how the payment will be made to avoid issues that may lead to “work withholding” as a result of default in payment.
  • Customer service: Analyze the company’s client care policy. Do they keep customers up-to-date with activities? Do they provide insight into the workings? Are the bulk of customer satisfaction questions are being considered?
  • Linking strategy: The strategies of the company with regards to linking to other sites, and getting other site’s pages to link to yours should be considered.
  • Keywords research: A good SEO company should be able to identify, create, and if necessary, suggest new keywords that will improve your site’s ranking on search engines.
  • Team strength: A sufficient SEO company should have certified professionals to handle their operations. Perhaps a couple of Google/Microsoft certified professionals who are qualified to handle SEO activities. (Staff strength may be considered depending on the scale).

Seeking to maintain your company’s online image, you need only a professional’s touch. Hence the need for an SEO company, which is in many respects a sure route towards achieving your SEO objectives for your website.

It is no longer news that our world today has gone become a digital haven, but what is news now is the extent to which digitization impacts our lives, both in personal and business dealings.

Many businesses have been built around the digital world and this trend seems to be on the rise, which means that there is never a saturation of the numerous opportunities that abound within these areas. Companies, big and small, are focusing more on digital marketing as it offers a far greater benefit than the traditional type of marketing; individuals and corporate bodies have gone on to make a fortune from these field of opportunities.

It is expected that as time goes by, the need for digital marketers will increase as more and more products will be made and sold. As the demand increases, the question is this: how poised are you to taking advantage of digital marketing? Thankfully, you do not have to search for too long before getting the chance to equip yourself.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a merger of digital technology and advertising. It is simply the use of digital technology, tools and techniques to promote products and services on the internet, mobile devices, displayed ads. etc. Getting a skill in digital marketing requires diligence in studying and assimilating lessons and is usually achieved through several ways. However, in this article we will be focusing on a digital marketing degree course.

Degree in digital marketing

These days, a lot of educational institutions offer digital marketing as a separate degree course, a step-up from having it as a coursework in a semester or more for marketing students. Just like most courses, digital marketing is now available at Bachelor’s, Master’s and even at PhD levels for interested candidates.

The Bachelor’s degree is usually for a period of three or four years and offers the basic knowledge of digital marketing, tools and methods that are effective in campaigns etc. Students also learn certain aspects of business management and administration which adds further value to their skill set.

The Master’s degree typically lasts for a year or two, depending on the type of course and mode of study. This degree focuses more on a specific area of digital marketing and equips the student with advanced skills that will advance their career. It is not uncommon to see a dual Master’s degree course that offers a Master of Science and a Master of Art degree in two areas of digital marketing, areas which usually complement each other.

A PhD degree is also available for digital marketing students who wish to gain advanced knowledge of the field. The degree is usually for three years, and focuses on much advanced skills and methods of digital marketing, management and research. PhD students can decide to focus on academic research, and go on to become academics, and even build a career outside the academic world by becoming consultants. Academic research will expose you to practical, original and intensive research work focused on developing and honing skills you need.

Online Courses on Digital Marketing

It is now possible to study digital marketing online, a solution that meets the growing need for experts in the field. There are universities that offer long-distance and online programs for interested candidates and are accredited to award degrees by the relevant authorities.

You can also get a certification by taking courses from online tutors channels, and several other online learning platforms. Courses could be free or paid for, and they are usually packaged with practical works to help you get the much required experience.

Some of the strategies covered in digital marketing courses include: social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing etc. A degree in digital marketing also exposes you to core skills such as consumer behavior study, research, marketing management, and effective use of digital technology and channels.

Digital marketing has become a foremost strategy globally as even religious bodies and organizations, financial institutions, government establishments and businesses are making use of it increasingly. The need for digital marketers keeps growing as more and more companies spring up, and millions of products and services are put up for sale or hire. Getting a degree prepares you for this need and building a career around it.

Online digital marketing degree courses have the added advantage of unlimited classes, access to online tools and mentorship from professionals who know all there is to know. You also have the advantage of getting hands-on practicals, building skill as you study.

The pace is set by you, at your convenience and comfort. One important thing to consider in choosing an online course is the proximity of the institution to you, given as you might need to make some visits there for important reasons. Most online marketing degrees are recognized by employers and are a huge boost to your CV.

Ensure to take advantage of the online courses today and begin your journey towards a career in digital marketing.

Online marketing is a huge field with a lot of potential. If you’ve been involved in Internet Marketing, then you most likely know this by now. Online marketing is quite the dynamic industry and you must ensure that any program you pick must be up-to-date. It is not easy, but it is doable.

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing industries currently, and has become one of the most important and powerful tools in the modern workplace as evidenced by the increasing number of companies who continue to invest extensively in digital marketing.

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of your online marketing efforts in promoting the sales of products and services. Current projections are that by the year 2025 about 150,000 digital marketers would be needed in the country, and even today the demand for experts is fairly more than the available number.

How well are you positioning yourself to meet this need? There are a lot of opportunities you can choose from to begin your journey towards becoming an expert digital marketer.

Studying for a degree or certification in digital marketing was limited to the traditional means of education, but as demand has increased, so has solutions. Today there are many alternatives for marketing courses online which are able to help students take the next step in their careers. Hence, taking online courses offers you the opportunity to learn on a flexible time schedule.

Surely at some point, you’ve thought about taking online advertising and marketing courses and you were puzzled or did not know the best places to get started.

If you have access to a completely free course, it might be worth a little investment to deepen your skills, plus it helps if you would rather study all on your own, as these online courses are mostly self-paced. Most of all, the training courses are sometimes totally free. Each course incorporates webinar access and gives you a wide range of materials and tools to choose from.

Every online course has a specific requirement which you should comply with to enable you get the most of the course. Online courses have no less value or standard than the traditional class methods, and so there is no question of a disparity in online or offline degrees. It is also possible to get a scholarship to study an online marketing course as many institutions provide a form of scholarship that covers a part of the tuition, and provides free tools alongside.

Each has the target of providing you with an understanding on the essentials of marketing and advertising in bits at several levels of education and comprehension.

There are a lot of ways through which you’ll be able to develop your advertising skills, whether through reading advertising books, or watching video tutorials.

Today, there’s really no way to learn whatever you really intend to understand in traditional theoretical patterns. Hence, you must think of a more practical approach if you really want to know your onions. This simply means that the theory and the practicals go together. Even if you aren’t fortunate enough to have a formal education in marketing, you will still learn a lot about it when you begin to put skills and lessons into practice.

Online marketing courses also teach you how to carry out effective social media campaigns, to maintain business profiles and pages that drive traffic and leads to your product, and also how to leverage on the product of others (affiliate marketing) to increase your income. You will also learn techniques on getting a steady list of subscribers who will eventually provide constant clientele.

With the right mentoring, coaching, teaching and guidance provided by qualified faculty members, it is possible to easily find your way in making a career off digital marketing. When it has to do with learning online marketing and advertising skills, make sure you’re learning from an institution with a good reputation so you don’t miss the most important portion of your course. Select an institute that has a training center near you, to enable you to have access to physical meetings and materials. Another thing to consider is finance. If you are thinking about having some training courses on online marketing to further improve your learning and comprehension of the idea, do consider your financial strength.

As wide as the field of digital marketing is, you can go on to specialize in one aspect, focusing your energy and time in maximizing your talents and honing your skills. For example, if you find that you’re talented in writing convincing ads, it sure would pay to focus more on perfecting that talent, rather than focusing the same energy in learning some other area you’re not skilled in. This is not to say it impossible to be master of all, but knowing your strengths helps.

If you’re prepared to enter the world of digital marketing, take a look at some social networking marketing courses today. If you’re a company owner, taking online advertising courses can become your gate to knowing how to brand your goods and reach more audience, how to prepare your advertising budget, and the way to convince people with your products. The course includes several types of marketing techniques, online marketing tools, web analytics that’s used for promotion of your site and a lot more. The courses are regularly updated to provide current content so you are always up to date with trends in the industry.

Digital marketing is complex and it requires lots of time and hard work because all online marketing courses need an investment of some type but the reward is fulfilling. Start your career today with an online digital marketing course and build your capacity!

SEO explanation – Explanation of the concept of SEO

The volume of traffic a website gets these days is very much dependent on its presence on major search engine indexes. These days, an increasing number of consumers visit websites for the first time from a search result and so getting your website to appear in search engines is the idea.

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and this refers to the process and methods of improving the quality and quantity of traffic to a website from search engines using targeted keywords.

Optimizing your website is a process which is planned on some categories of search; specific vertical search, image search, local search and keywords to mention but a few.

SEO looks at how search engines work, how algorithms influence search engine data, keywords and search terms people use, what people search for, their preferred search engines and the volume of search.

Since SEO is about search, it is important to mention the top search engines used around the world today. Google, AOL, Yahoo, AskJeeves and MSN are the top engines today, but several others exist that drive lesser traffic then the above mentioned. The primary function of a search engine is to crawl (using crawlers) the internet for content, then index these for better access and lastly, it ranks the indexed contents based on certain parameters. It is the understanding of these parameters that would help you succeed in SEO.

SEO has a lot of factors determining it, but two broad categories exist and they are; the on-page optimization and off-page optimization.

On-page optimization includes all the optimization processes for a website that concerns the specific requirements of the search engines. Most search engines will only rank sites that have a certain level of responsiveness, relevance to keyword, and sites that allow crawlers to index their content, links, keyword, headings, frequency, meta tags and site structure.

Off-page optimization is concerned with the methods and techniques of getting your site on search engine result pages, but it is not limited to only link sharing as some believe. Off page optimization takes place outside of your website and includes back social media marketing, link building, and some more.

It is important to understand off page optimization because it helps your sites rank even better than having only an on page optimized site.

Let’s explain this.

If for instance, a website has only optimized keywords, if responsive and has appropriate tags, it would not be ranked higher than a site with all these, and some off page optimization like publicity, brand mentions, backlinks, social media presence etc. This is because when search engine crawlers go through the two sites, they gather more information from one than the other. This info would influence the way the sites rank, as expected.

SEO is no magic or trick but a carefully thought out process. It is a vast field that needs a constant check to ensure you are current with trends and practices. What worked today might be slightly out of date tomorrow and though the basic framework will remain the same, who can say what the criteria for ranking sites will be tomorrow?

How do you use SEO -Search Engine Optimization for your local business in 2019 you ask?
SEO in the simplest of terms refers to the manipulation of data, based on certain set algorithms in a bid to reach a wider audience or a target demographic. Thanks to the evolution of the Internet and the way we conduct business, SEO has become a very important tool with regards to promoting a business online.

So, if SEO is all that they say it is, how then can you use it for your local business in 2019?

These days, many bloggers and online businesses seeking to rank their websites better, tend to have implement SEO on their online platforms in a bid to promote their businesses and reach a larger audience. And the local businesses are not left out. The only perquisites for implementing SEO are a website, a business and the tips below 😊:

Online directories and Listings

Google has shown over and over again that eight in ten consumers carry out an online search for business listings, and eventually make use of one. What does this mean? It means you should get your business listed in the business directory of major search engines, and also get citations that would make it easier for potential clients to find you. Getting a front-page listing can get your business the much-required traffic and generate leads.
Ensure to make use of top directories such as Merchant Circle, Yelp, Citysearch among others. Google has its own business listing called “Google My Business” and though it is essentially a directory, it is understandably bigger in use.
Setting up your business directory is a delicate process which requires careful work. A little mistake in your spelling or contact information could cause the directories to display the wrong information, mitigating your online reach.

Use keywords that focus on local leads

Many will dispute this, but the truth is that if your business is a local business, then getting more clients from your location is more viable than from far away. I’m not saying getting foreign clients is bad or impossible, no. I am saying in using keywords, you should include those that your local consumers use as this will help you appear more and increase sales.
Most people would prefer to buy from a local business in their location, if the quality is up to par, hence, it makes sense for you to also target being listed when they search. There is little sense in looking for outside leads when you have a lot of them in your “patio” waiting for pickup.

Title and Meta description

Enough has been said about this, however, saying it once more won’t hurt. The description you give your business will determine how it ranks. Use keywords in your meta at the beginning and avoid long sentences; it saves the frustration of being truncated. Also, provide links to specific parts of your ad. and links to contact you directly without having to open your website. Many consumers would prefer getting in touch from the result page than visiting your page and clicking the contact button. Use your meta description well to rank better.

While SEO is dynamic, these three tips are sure to make all the difference for your local business in 2019. Ensure to keep your Title and Meta description short and sweet, use keywords that focus on your local target demographic, and get your business on an online business listing.
Good luck 😊