I’ve not long finished listening to a webinar featuring Alex Jeffreys and in it he explained that there are only 7 secrets to internet marketing success and I was blown away by how simple it really is. So if you’re struggling to make money online, it may be because you’ve got the wrong priorities or you’re doing things in the wrong order. This is my interpretation of the 7 steps with extra notes on what to do about them.

The first step is to get rid of all your negative thoughts. You can be a success if you don’t think successfully. Ignore the nay-sayers and prophets of doom. If you don’t believe in yourself, how are you going to get others to believe in you? You must have the will to succeed and believe that you can be a success. You owe it to your future customers to provide the best products and offers that you can, and you won’t be able to do that if you have a negative attitude.

The second step is to find a hungry market with disposable income. It’s great finding a niche where there are lots of unanswered questions that people have, but it’s no use if it’s not the sort of niche where they don’t have the spare money to purchase information products. For example: Loom bands were a ‘big thing’ a year or so ago and people wanted new items to make and different ways of making them. However, the target market was pre-teen girls who would have spent their pocket money on looms and elastic bands. They probably wouldn’t have searched for an ebook on the subject. Rich kids probably weren’t interested in loom bands either.

The third step is to create a product that solves a problem. This can be any product, an ebook, an audio or a video. Better yet, you could create one of these and derive the other two from it. Write an ebook, read it out loud into a recording device (like your phone), create some slides based on paragraphs or chapters within your book and talk over them (like Alex Jeffreys does). Or start at the other end with a tutorial video where you talk over slides or talking head slips, extract the audio and have it transcribed to a handout. It doesn’t matter if it’s PLR, whether you outsource it or do it yourself. You have to solve a common problem and come up with a product that has value in that niche.

The next step, the fourth one is where some people might start to struggle. It’s write a sales letter. This for the website that you will set up that affiliates will send the traffic to. There’s a lot of information out there about writing good sales letters by people who are far more expert than I am at it. The bits of information I have are:

  • A bit of your back story. What makes you qualified to solve this problem. How you felt when you did solve it.
  • Talk about the benefits of the product, not the features. What it will do for the buyer, not how it does it.
  • Write in emotional terms. People buy with their hearts and justify it in their heads later.
  • Remember AIDA. Attention (grabbing headline), Interest (justify the headline), Desire (make them want your solution), Action (tell them what they need to do next).

Step 5 is where we start to automate the process. You are going to need a domain name and web hosting for your 3 page website. The 3 pages are sales letter (index page), download page (once they’ve paid) and an affiliates page. The last one should have links to banners, swipe files and anything else that you think an affiliate seller might need. It should certainly link to the affiliate website where you place your product (JVZoo or similar) so that would-be affiliates can request to sell your product for you. You should consider offering your affiliates a generous commission – 75% to 100%, to ensure they do their utmost to push your product to their traffic sources. You will also need to ensure that your affiliate website account is linked to your autoresponder so that you get a buyers list. Let your affiliates worry about the freebie seekers and tyre kickers. The people YOU want on your email list are those who will pull out their wallets for you.

Getting good joint venture (JV) affiliates is something well worth putting time into. Approach people who are doing well at affiliate marketing (you probably already get their emails) and ask them to put your product onto their list of things to promote. It is worth building up good relationships with these people as they are the ones doing the next step of work for you.

Step 6 is the one where everyone struggles and for the wrong reasons. Traffic. It’s not your problem. Really! You have affiliates signed up to drive the traffic to you and they must earn their high commissions. Leave them to it. You go home and watch the sales counter climb.

Step 7 is the best bit for you – The backend. This is where you write a daily email to your buyers list with an offer for something else. They’re known buyers and because they bought your product they’ll buy other things from you. You are known, liked and trusted because you provided a solution to a problem they had. Don’t treat them like walking wallets though. Keep offering value to them as well. Known buyers are your most precious assets and you should do your best to keep them.

The one thing that was constantly stressed throughout the webinar was to complete one step completely before moving on to the next. Don’t go jumping the gun or missing out anything. When things are done in this order and done completely is when things really start to happen for you.

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